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URBAN ELECTRO is a E-bike / E-transport specialist store in Rushden hosting some of the best and most innovative products on the market


URBAN ELECTRO is an E-bike store is located in Rushden, Northampton and is one of the few specialist electric transport stores in the UK. Come and drop by for a coffee and view our extensive range of products. Our team will be happy to help. We stock electric bikes, folder bikes, electric scooters and much more. Email or call us to arrange an appointment to visit.



At URBAN ELECTRO we have an extensive range of E Bikes and E Transport, below are just few examples of our range. Please email us for availability and stock.

Wayel Folding Bike

Wayel Folding Bike

Folding E-Bikes

At URBAN ELECTRO we stock Folding E-Bikes from a wide range of prestigious companies such as Italwin, Wayel and ROK. These compact yet powerful bikes are an excellent alternative for your commute to work and you wont have to worry about locking them up outside, just pop them in the cupboard!

E bike_EMTB.jpg


For the more serious riders we stock Electric Mountain Bikes from various companies. These EMTB’s have powerful motors designed to assist over difficult terrain or even take you to places previously made impossible by a normal bike!

Electric bike_GOTHAM.png


Alongside our more specialist E-Bikes we also stock E-Bikes aimed for leisure or commuting. Our wide selection covers bikes for shopping, leisure or commuting.


About Us

At URBAN ELECTRO we stock a wide range of E-transport and E-bikes to provide a solution to any of your mobility needs!

Italwin Folding Bike

Italwin Folding Bike

Cutting Edge Technology

At URBAN ELECTRO we stock some of the most innovative brands from around the globe, from expertly crafted and beautifully designed Italian e-bikes to the most cutting edge cargo bikes from Holland.


ASAP Electric board

Not Just E-Bikes

We consider ourselves a ‘E-Transport’ specialist and so we stock a vast array of different E-products from electric scooters, electric surfboards and electric cargo bikes

Our Rushden store

Our Rushden store

Dedicated Rushden E Bike Store and Helpful Staff

Come visit us and stop by for a coffee at our Rushden E bike store and try out our extensive range of products, our staff will be happy to help. We also have a dedicated repair workshop and battery charging point so we take care of our customers every step of the way.


1-5 Park Rd, Rushden
NN10 0RW


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